So I’m gonna talk about sixth sense and the universal will. The sixth sense is an aspect of the subconscious mind. You can see it as creative imagination through which ideas, plans and inspired thoughts flash into your mind. Or hunches and eureka moments.

Sixth sense can be pretty dormant in us in the modern world. It’s atrophied since we really needed it, like when we were hunter gatherers and we seriously depended on it to survive. Then we were out in the wilds and danger lurked behind every rock and every tree. We had to be on the ball, and needed our sixth sense to warn us… or indeed to give us the nod to find food, like a hunch that over the hill there was either an abundance of fruit and nuts, or animals to hunt.

Now we’ve got it easy. Nevertheless the sixth sense will often warn us of dangers lurking in the shadows, like in some dark alley or around the next block. Something will tell us to change our route.

But the sixth sense is mostly dormant now. But you can develop it. This is done by stilling the mind, like you do in meditation. And also by taking time out to let your imagination wander, unhindered by the worries of the day.

You can see the sixth sense as the medium of contact between the finite human mind and infinite intelligence or universal will. Thus it’s a mixture of the mental and spiritual – the very point at which the human mind contacts universal will.

On an everyday level, the sixth sense will warn you of impending dangers in time to avoid them. And will notify you of opportunities in time to embrace them. More than that, will come to your aid, and do your bidding, just when you most need it. It’s also a kind of Guardian Angel that will, at times, open the door to the Temple of Wisdom, the seat of universal knowledge.

That’s because there’s a First Cause, or Intelligence, behind everything. It permeates every atom of matter and embraces every unit of energy. This infinite intelligence or universal will turns acorns into oak trees, causes water to flow downhill in accordance with the laws of gravity. It’s behind night flowing into day, winter into summer… and keeps everything in its rightful place and in harmonious relationship with each other.

In human terms, when you develop your sixth sense, this universal will can be induced to help you in transmuting desires into concrete and material form. Thus the more you work on developing your sixth sense, the more you’ll be able to manifest your deepest wishes on the material plane.

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