A voodoo gambling spell will bring the edge in games of chance (and has long been the secret weapon of pro-gamblers)…

You hit the casino or bingo hall. You know you need Lady Luck to smile on you.

Will she or won’t she?

Probably not. Remember, gambling houses weigh the system in their favor, not yours.

Pro-gamblers know you gotta understand the odds and know when they are against you. But they also know you need that extra edge to pull consistent wins.

Like I say, a lot of ’em use occult methods to bring the elusive edge. Could be gambling charms or talismans, sigils, or more elaborate magical workings.

One of my consistent win-pulling spells is my Smokin’ Hot Gambling Charm, which I devised with Pip de Belfry.

We collect the various items of power from curio and antique shops (like the poppet doll), fix up a bottle of Special Blend Oil No. 7, along with an old lucky coin, and Lucky Strike cigarette (which forms part of the ritual).

We then charge these items in the graveyard at a 15th century church located at a remote coastal hamlet some 40 miles or so from me. It’s a very magical place, has real tangible atmosphere, not to mention the church being haunted by a spectral religious figure – some say a monk, others say a diabolist.

With incense smoke swirling, we call up the spirits, which imbue the gambling charm with numinous power – part of what attracts Lady Luck.

Anyway, if you are in need of gambling luck, let me know, and I’ll see about Pip and me fixing you up with a Smokin’ Hot Gambling Charm – just email me from my contact page.

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