Back in September, I got a message from Colin. He wanted to know if I’d got a seriously powerful voodoo spell that would bring him luck in games of chance. I told him about my gambling luck voodoo dolls. But he said: “No, I don’t want those. I want the most powerful workings you’ve got – and I’d wager, like a lot of spellcasters, you’re holding your best stuff back.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that. But the fact was, he had a point. He was perceptive enough to realize that I do keep some of my best stuff back. It’s not that I don’t want to do certain workings for people. It’s more about staying ahead of the game and keeping things in reserve in case they’re ever needed.

“OK, Colin,” I said, “You’ve got the game worked out. So how about I fix up a Voodoo Gambling Hand for you? That’s one of the most powerful workings I’ve got in my conjure arsenal. It’ll help you with everything from poker and blackjack to bingo and lotteries. It’s heavy duty voodoo firepower in the gambling game.”

My Voodoo Gambling Hand – which is now openly available – consists of a little voodoo doll which goes in a small tin, and is carried with you anytime you plan on gambling. I charge it up during a trance ritual at a lonely country crossroads a few miles from me.

I used the Voodoo Gambling Hand a lot when I played poker. And I have a number of professional gamblers who come to me regularly for Gambling Hands – they call them their “secret weapon.”

They also like to get a refresher spellworking done every few months – or at point they feel their luck has flown the nest.

Creating gambling luck totems makes up a big part of the voodoo spellworkings I do.

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