This mugwort-based spiritual bath is designed to act like a dream magnet to induce vivid dreams, and also to help you remember your dreams. You can simply have a spiritual bath using mugwort on its own. Or you can add a few extra ingredients to encourage love, oracular and sexual dreams.

You will need:

  • One handful of dried hibiscus flowers
  • One tablespoon of orange blossoms
  • One tablespoon of rose petals
  • One TEASPOON of dried mugwort
  • Three dried bay leaves

The reason I typed “teaspoon” in capitals is that mugwort is a particularly strong herb, and you need to be careful with it.

Mugwort should NOT be used by pregnant women or those actively trying to become pregnant.

Mugwort doesn’t actually give you psychic abilities, but it will unearth things from deep within you and bring them to the surface, whether you like it or not.

Nor does it produce dreams – it will fling wide the gates to your dream psyche, and most people find that even if they think they never dream, mugwort will more than likely alter that. Alongside its ability to enhance the clarity of your dreams, as I say, it is also known to facilitate remembering them.

While it is a strongly active herb, it is worth knowing too that it is a spiritual protector during dreams, so you may find yourself dreaming of things that you would never dare to do otherwise. It can produce highly magical dreams.

So now you’re aware of mugwort’s properties and gifts, you’re ready to go ahead…

This is what you do:

  • Place all of the ingredients into a bowl and cover with boiling water.
  • Allow the tincture to cool.
  • You can strain the tincture if you wish, but I would be inclined to add it straight to the bath water.
  • As always, it’s a good idea to burn a candle while you bathe, and as we’re going for dreams here, I would probably choose to burn a sky blue candle for psychic enhancement, or a pink one for the Love element. There would be no problem with burning one of each, either.

If you decide to try this one, let me know if you get the results you desire!

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