We went over to Dunwich on a whim. Pip de Belfry fancied hitting the coast as she likes the sea. So we drove over to the city that was lost to the sea back in medieval times. Now a small village, lying on Eastern England’s Suffolk coast, with a pub/restaurant and an excellent museum devoted to the history of Dunwich, which was one of the most important ports in Britain before the ocean consumed it.

Some locals say you can still hear the church bells of the sunken city if you go down to the beach late at night. And various apparitions are said to wander the coastline and inland woods and heath land.

After wandering the stony beach for a while, we walked up the hill to the ruins of Dunwich Friary. Once a thriving religious community that helped the disadvantaged and sick of medieval Dunwich, the Friary fell into disrepair after the old city was lost to the waves.

Set in a sprawling meadow, Dunwich Friary is an atmospheric place that exudes peace and tranquility. On one side of the hilltop ruin you can see and hear the sea. On the other side you can only just hear the rolling waves and would be forgiven for thinking that you are a lot further inland.

With the windswept trees at the perimeter of the Friary grounds sheltering us as we walked around the ruins, we decided to lay down on the grass. Being late spring, the weather was was more than temperate and the sun was shining, so we were warm enough to simply lounge and immerse ourselves in the landscape.

Right then as my mind drifted into silence, I realized that we both needed to be rejuvenated from the endless chatter and noise of our modern world.

With my internal dialogue quiet, I soaked up the sounds of the birds in the nearby trees, the scents of the grasses, the sight of the wispy clouds slowly drifting across the big blue sky.

Soon my eyes closed and I drifted into a half-dreaming state – sparked off by the strange dancing lights of entoptic vision that are before our eyes when we close them (these are one route to lucid dreaming – dreaming while awake). I flowed into other worlds that are parallel to our own.

It was an extraordinary experience, one that Pip de Belfry also experienced.

It was all sparked off by Pip saying she was going to lay down on the grass for a while. Something inside her demanded it.

This led to what I would call a “movement of energy.” It’s not something you can analyze with your conscious, rational mind. If you do it is like faery gold turning to dust. It’s gone.

When this happens you discover (or more precisely, remember) that you are free. The infinite self is free. Savoring those moments beyond words is what all we humans need. But mostly we are distracted by the endless chatter of our minds, which is exacerbated by phones, internet, TV, media, and the endless noise of society (a reflection of our internal dialogue) – which is mostly geared to consumerism and buying more and more.

The key is to know you have to escape this as often as possible. But it is all too easy to forget and get consumed by the ever present chatter of both your own thinking (the ego self) and the addictive noise that has overtaken our planet.

Know peace, be free.

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