If you are being troubled by a stalker, try this voodoo conjure remedy to get them off your back. If you have an injunction out against them, this spell will bring you added protection, along with the reassurance that you have unseen forces working in your favor.

Do the following during a waning moon (if you’re not sure about moon phases, they can be found online).

✴ Collect together the following herbs: valerian, knot grass, jimson weed (do NOT take jimson weed orally as it can cause hallucinations), black mustard seed and chicory root. Finely chop the knot grass and jimson weed, and powder the valerian, black mustard seed and chicory root in a pestle and mortar.

✴ Mix them all together well in a container. Hold your right hand over the top of the container (the right hand is the one that removes things from your Life), and recite the following chant while imagining dark energy flowing into the mixture:

“Stalker, stalker
Stop in your tracks!
With this mixture
I command you to stay away. Begone!”

✴ Now go to the neighborhood where the stalker lives (DON’T go to their house), and surreptitiously sprinkle the voodoo mixture around the area. Recite the chant in your head as you go. This working will lead them to lose interest in you, but it will not cause any harm to them, so you achieve a peaceful result.

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