She needed a voodoo spell to stop her husband cheating on her with another woman…

Not long back, Jane (name changed for privacy) emailed me. She said she was at the end of her tether. Her husband was having an affair – and he wasn’t even trying to hide it. He was blatant about it.

Jane said: “It started with him going cold on me, cutting me off emotionally. Then he openly admitted he was seeing another woman. He’d even tell me not to expect him home until morning.”

Jane wanted to know if a voodoo stop cheating spell would put a stop to her husband straying.

Jane knew she should’ve walked out on him, taking the kids with her, but said doing so wasn’t easy. “Where would I have gone? My sister’s got a family of her own. And you can’t just plonk yourself on friends.”

That’s where voodoo comes in. You can work on the hidden plane to adjust the machinations of fate to make things happen, and turn a situation around for the better.

I asked Jane whether she had thought of throwing her husband out?

“I tried,” she replied. “But he wouldn’t go, he didn’t want to live in some dingy flat, and besides I didn’t want to disrupt the kids.”

I then suggested we lay a stop cheating voodoo spell on her husband, designed to make him realize the error of his ways and to recognize how much he was hurting his wife and kids. The idea being to wake him up to the damage he was causing, and to make him see that the life he’d got with his wife and family was something to be truly valued – and that only a fool would through that away.

It worked. It took a while – a couple of months – but he dropped the woman he was having an affair with, and from there on out was totally committed to Jane and his kids. Essentially, he just needed a nudge to see what he most valued in life – and to put love first, over transient passion.

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