This red hot voodoo spell involves turning yourself into a female lust demon to make the man you have the hots for infatuated with you…

According to folklore, the succubus was the manifestation of a female demon who tormented monks with lustful dreams while they slept, hoping to seduce them into breaking their vow of chastity.

What better way to torment a celibate monk than tempting him with sexual pleasure?

Some say that Lilith was the first succubus, that she was the first wife of Adam, but was replaced by Eve for being too feisty!

Other folklore says that she was banished to Hell, where she proved to be too much for even The Prince of Darkness himself to handle.

Therefore, proceed with this ritual with caution and be prepared for sparks to fly!

However, that is only one side of it. You can trace the roots of the succubus to an ancient magikal technique that was used by women to make the object of their affections become infatuated with them.

Dare you try it?

If so, the technique involves astrally projecting your spirit body into the dreams of your chosen man (or woman, if that is your inclination), making those dreams tantalizing, and seducing your chosen lover on the etheric plane.

Although rarely covered in the annals history of love magic, it’s one of THE most powerful methods of winning the complete attentions of your chosen target. It’s well worth a try if you are friends with someone and want to turn your relationship around into a full blown “passion with no boundaries” love affair.

This is how you transform yourself into a wanton succubus and astrally travel into the dreams of the guy or girl you have the hots for:

(1) Dress up

Before you begin your love magick ritual, dress up in your sexiest clothes, including lingerie; knowing that under your outer clothing, you are wearing the secret layer of the temptress that is only known to you and your chosen one. This is hugely empowering, and heightens the sexual electricity.

Similarly, apply your make-up to emphasise your best features, just as you would if you were going to actually meet the person. This will get you in a seductive mood.

(2) Right time

Choose a time when the man you are interested in has been asleep for an hour or so. Make certain of this, either by phoning him earlier in the evening, or by chatting to him on social networks, so you know when he has signed off.

(3) Right place

Do your love ritual in a room where you won’t be disturbed – your bedroom would be ideal. If you have an essential oil burner, it would be worth burning some Ylang Ylang, which is associated with sensuality. The same goes for red or purple candles with the same fragrance, as the colours add to the visual power.

(4) Relax

Then lie down comfortably on the bed or on a mat on the floor, however you feel most relaxed. Take a few deep breaths and imagine waves of vibrant well-being pulsing through your body. Particularly focus your attention on the “Dantian” acupoint around the mound of your belly and the pit of your stomach. Picture swirling warmth and energy building up in that area.

(5) Travel to your lover

Now imagine yourself rising slowly out of your body, become aware of yourself floating, and then float free from your house to the home of your chosen one. Picture him clearly, build an exact representation of him in your mind’s eye; if there are features which you find super attractive, focus on those, as it helps to add strength to the vision and the magick. Float above him as he sleeps. Feel the energy from the Dantian surging through you.

(6) Merge with your lover

Take a deep breath, and send your whole body into his, so you literally meld with him, and become one body. Release some of the energy from your Dantian to share with him, and allow it to surge through both of your bodies, which are joined as one. Imagine that the atoms in your bodies are inter-mingling, dancing together and fusing you into one.

(7) Withdraw and return

When you are satiated, slowly extract your body from his, maybe take time to seal the energy within him by planting a feather-light kiss on his brow, lips or stomach, and then gently allow yourself to float back to your own home.

(8) Grounding

Revel for a while in the super-charged energy state that has been created, and when you are ready, take some deep breaths, and ground yourself by slowly becoming aware of the objects in your room.

✴ If staying up late doesn’t bother you, it is well worth the effort of performing this love magick ritual three nights in a row. If you persevere, your “dream lover” will become a physical reality.

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