You won’t need to be told if you’ve been hit by some heavy duty hexing: things just won’t be going well in your life, everything will seem like hard work, and nothing will fall into place easily.

You may find yourself asking: “Why is this SO much easier for everyone else?” Don’t despair, this voodoo uncrossing spell will rid you of all hexings and crossings in less than seven days.

You will need a pink candle, some Uncrossing Oil, a small doll which you can make or buy, a mirror and a small box lined with aluminum foil.

You should perform this ritual three hours after sunset. Begin each night’s ceremony with an opening ritual of your choice, and remember to perform a closing ritual at the end.

♠ Firstly, you need to take a bath into which you have added a couple of drops of Uncrossing Oil. This will remove all negative influences from your physical body.

♠ Next, take the doll and place it into the foil lined box-the foil will reflect all of the negativity back onto the doll. It also helps to place some sand or gravel in the box, and maybe a few irritants like chillies or pepper.

♠ Now anoint the candle with the Uncrossing Oil, remembering to rub away from you. Once you have anointed the candle, place it in front of the mirror, again to reflect the bad luck, light it and carefully sprinkle a little Uncrossing Oil onto the flame for extra good luck.

Repeat this ritual for seven nights, using a new candle each time, and allowing the doll to absorb all of the hexing.

♠ After you have completed the seven nights, seal the doll in the box, and dispose of it somewhere away from your home. Running water is a good idea, or bury it in open ground.

As an extra kick of added protection, sprinkle either some Uncrossing Oil or Uncrossing Powder in front of every door and window in your home. This will prevent the strongest hexings from re-entering your home.

You should start to feel improvements in your situation within three days, and once the ritual is fully completed, you should feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders, and your life will start to flow in the right direction once more.

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