If someone is poking around in your life just a little too much, and it’s making you feel like you have no freedom, hitting them with a goofer dust hex is a justifiable course of action.

Part of the beauty of this working is that you don’t need to fear ANY bad karma or the hex coming back to bite you!

Goofer Dust is a special, highly charged super powerful voodoo powder, and is similar to Graveyard Dirt in the way it works. Graveyard Dirt is exactly what it says on the packet: Dirt collected from a cemetery.

There is one powerful way to hex an enemy which involves using Goofer Dust to draw the outline of the person you wish to hex on the ground, like you see the body outlines on criminal shows on TV. Then you set fire to the powder, and whoever it represents will be taken with a fever … Or worse.

The most common way to use this precious, magickal powder, however, is to sprinkle it directly onto the doorstep of the person you want to hex.

Alternatively, Goofer Dust can be placed in a black drawstring bag, along with a doll that has a nail driven through its heart. You would then hide this as close as possible to the home of your victim, or if possible, concealed inside their home.

Goofer Dust can also be used by sprinkling it onto the clothing of the victim, and they will go about their daily Life unaware that you have hexed them.

So you see, Goofer Dust can be used in many ways, all the while working on the effect you desire while the victim doesn’t have a clue … Sneaky, huh?

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