One of the main keys of using love spells to help you return your ex is creativity. You don’t have to follow the “rules” that many lay down when it comes to casting spells.

The true power is in your own imagination and your ability to literally “see” the outcome of your intention via visualisation.

This allows you to manifest your desires in the physical world.

A very powerful method of “manifestation” for a love spell is to create a servitor (or servant), which might best be described as a “thoughtform” talisman.

You create a “living, breathing” entity that will do your bidding. Even though it’s a love spell, it’s a bit like programming computer software. But in this case you are configuring the fibres of fate to a given purpose (i.e. a lover back spell) you want to see manifest in your life.

To create your own servitor, you will need:

✴ A bag, drawstring is ideal, but literally any type of bag will do, even a carrier bag from a supermarket.

✴ Some paper and a pen.

✴ An item that has some meaning to do with your ex lover. It could be a small toy doll that has the look of him or her. It can be anything so long as it makes sense in the context of your magickal intent – the aim of the spellworking.

Once you have your items, choose a time of day or night where you won’t be disturbed. Relax your mind and body by meditation or by using the relaxation methods outlined previously in this course.

Now take the paper and write:

“My ex lover [their name] will come back to me.” Or something similar to that.

Place this in the bag and say something along the following lines:

“By adding my written intention, I now create the brain of my servitor [servant] so that it shall manifest my desire and will serve this purpose always.”

Then take the item you chose and add it to the bag while saying:

“With this [doll or whatever you have chosen] I create the body so that my servitor [or servant] shall have physical substance and be given life. I call upon the power of the numinous [or magickal realm] to empower this servitor and make it live, and make it real. The power is given. So shall it be.”

Close up the bag and put it somewhere safe, away from prying eyes. Your servitor will now get to work, bringing about the circumstances that will return your ex lover to you.

NOTE: If you ever need to dispose of your servitor, simply take the items out of the bag and tear up the paper.

Using this method of sorcery, you have essentially “programmed” the servitor by writing your sentence of intent. By adding the paper, with sentence written on it, to the bag, you have given the servitor instructions to follow when it is created.

By adding the meaningful item (doll or whatever) you have given a structure to the servitor. And by saying the words while making it, you have reinforced your belief, which empowers the magick (via your subconscious mind), and metaphorically breathes life into the servitor.

Thus you have a very powerful love spell that is working 24/7 to bring your ex back.

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