Have you ever felt that you are under attack from curses, jinxes or just some nasty bad vibes being sent your way by an outside influence?

If so, this supercharged voodoo doll spell will defend you against ALL evil, no matter what it is. If a bad worker is on your case, nothing they throw at you will be able to get past your invisible protection. You will be totally invulnerable.

OK, this is what you do:

Write your name on a piece of parchment paper (thick art paper is fine). Attach this to a pink voodoo doll, which you can either buy, or for that extra bit of added power charge, you can make your own using pink cotton or yarn.

Take two brown Drive Away candles, and anoint them working away from you, with Uncrossing Oil, and also make sure to sprinkle some on the doll. Your voodoo doll might have some pretty tough work ahead of them, and they want to feel their best!

Now anoint two purple Satan Be Gone candles (again, working away from you) with Jinx Removing Oil, and again sprinkle some on your doll. Think of it as being how you might perfume yourself to give yourself that extra bit of advantage on a night out …

Place the four candles on the floor to form a square, and lay the doll in the center.

Light the candles and walk around them four times. As you circle the candles, whisper the following voodoo success chant four times. I say “whisper”, but add in as much energy and expression as you can, so how you would feel if you had just achieved something amazing, but were whispering it. Quiet doesn’t have to mean powerless … So here’s that chant:

“Eh! Eh! Bomba, Hen! Hen!
Canga Cafio Te
Canga Mouna Dele
Canga Dahi La
Canga Li”

The origins, meanings and roots of this chant are lost in the voodoo swamp mists of time, but it has been used to great effect by voodooists for centuries to bring success in any ritual.

Leave the voodoo doll in the square overnight to soak up all of that energy. The next morning, wrap it safely in a pink cloth and put it in a drawer or cabinet near a window. Don’t let anyone else see it or know it is there.

The power is a secret between you and your doll. Repeat the ritual as necessary, and it will always keep you safe.

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