Tonight is no ordinary full moon. It’s a “perigee” (as scientists call it) full moon, and is brimming over with numinous, primal power. A perigee full moon happens when the moon is closer to the earth than normal – when it’s known as a “supermoon.” At this time, the moon appears up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal.

As you might expect, a perigee full moon is likely to bring higher tides. But some say the perigee full moon causes strange behavior in people, even natural disasters. Others suggest it is a catalyst for lycanthropy – that it can bring out the latent werewolf in people.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t see this as a bad thing. I’m a friend of werewolves, as I am of all the beasts and creatures of this spinning earth. I even advocate silencing the constant “soap opera” chatter of of the conscious mind and allowing the feral – the beast inside – to come out. Allowing our wild spirits to roam the cool night air.

For those who fear the werewolf let me say this:

Ask yourself which is most evil – the beasts or the humans?

The answer is always 100% the humans. You see, the beasts of this planet are always true to themselves and their natures. Humans aren’t…or at least, very rarely. Humans are mostly cruel, greedy, controlling, devious, exploitative, compulsive liars, murderous (sometimes on a grand scale)…plus they are insane enough to cavalierly wreck and damage (potentially destroy) their own habitats.

No beast would do any of that. So on this perigee full moon, do the following:

Try and visit a wolf today. Say hello. If you can’t visit a wolf, say hello to all the cats, dogs, birds, or insects you see today. Crouch down and really say “hello.” Believe me, they’ll know something good is going down this day.

…But if you do fear werewolves, the most important thing to remember is werewolves can’t climb trees – this might save your life someday…


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