This question came in just now from Melissa in Iowa…. Yes, there’s a long tradition of filling small drawstring bags with magical items to serve as amulets – very much as seen on the paranormal TV series Supernatural.

In voodoo conjure, they are called mojo hands or nation sacks, and were famously sung about in blues songs such as Lightnin’ Hopkins’ Mojo Hand (1960). Likewise, witchcraft practitioners have long made use of drawstring bags in their spellworkings.

The way it works is like this: You collect together the items you need for a spell. These could be bones, small stones gathered on the beach, herbs, powders or roots. You then perform a ritual calling upon your favored deities and spirits, or if you’re like me, you might invoke ancient atavisms from the deep well of the human subconscious.

Once your ritual is done, you either keep the hex bag somewhere safe, away from prying eyes, and maybe feed it now and then with spiritual oils; or you carry it on your person.

As to magickal intentions, the hex bags in Supernatural – to quote the show – “are usually used for malicious purposes, but not always…”

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