People often ask me “what kinda voodoo do you do?” They recognize that my style of voodoo is somewhat different to the norm…

So I give it to them straight, and say:

“My brand of voodoo is swamp voodoo.”

This was the type of voodoo my mentor Earl Marlowe (featured in my Voodoo Spellbook) taught me.

Those who have read my Voodoo Spellbook will be aware that I often used terms like “The Name With No Man and “Upside Down Man.”

These were indirect allusions to Swamp Voodoo, the spiritual path Earl Marlowe followed.

Earl was not alone on the path of swamp voodoo.

There is a small group of voodoo doctors (some refer to it as a secret society) that live and work the path of Swamp Voodoo. They keep the tradition alive. I was introduced to this society during the 1980s when Earl was teaching me the swamp voodoo path.

How does Swamp Voodoo differ from regular Voodoo?

Well, for one thing, it doesn’t use altars. It uses the crossroads, the magical intersection between the worlds. Indeed, at certain moon phases I visit the crossroads in order to gain maximum ritual power for casting voodoo spells.

The crossroads rites of Swamp Voodoo are very much an individual path. They are the way of the lone wolf and the “upside down man.”

At the crossroads, you see and feel the shammering glimmersparks of fate as they dance upon heaven’s traces.

The crossroads is the place between the worlds where a hoodoo sun shines and a lucky mojo rain falls…

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