Hagstone Talisman – Grants Luck & Wishes

Hagstone on beach

Magical stone with a naturally-occurring hole, hung on a necklace (24" inch cord). Wear as a “wishing stone” and to attract good luck; also keeps away misfortune and prevent nightmares.

In folklore, Hagstones were seen as very lucky artefacts that were often used as “wishing stones” and for attracting good luck. They were also thought to prevent nightmares and generally prevent misfortune…

Hagstones are found in coastal areas, and by rivers and streams. The hole in a Hagstone is naturally-occurring, typically the result of weathering or erosion from running water.

Other names for Hagstones include Adder Stones, Druid Glass and Faery Stones, all of which echo the magical properties these stones were thought to have.

Folk belief had it that good luck could fit through the hole in a Hagstone, but bad luck couldn’t – thus the stones were considered lucky. It was the same with nightmares. Only good dreams could get through the hole, not bad dreams.

The Hagstones I have on offer, I collect personally on coastal and countryside walks, which I do regularly. Often I might sit down by a river and spot a Hagstone. I’ve been doing this for years and have a fair collection of naturally-occurring Hagstones.

Thus I decided to fix some up to be worn by anybody that requires some extra luck, or a “wishing stone” they can have with them at all times.

By wearing a Hagstone you are connecting yourself to the flow of the multiverse, and the infinite abundance that is there at all times if you but tap into it.

Each Hagstone is mounted on a 24-inch brown leather cord. Bear in mind each stone is a natural product, so the look of stones will vary from the photos on this page.


What People Say

"I love your hagstones, Doc… mine really did bring my biggest wishes true." Laura (Whitby, UK)

"I just love it that I’ve got a Hagstone from one of the power places in Britain that Doktor Snake goes to." Stacey, (Virginia, USA)

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