Protection Amulet – Angel Caller

Connects you to your personal holy guardian angel to deflect negative spiritual energy and to keep you safe from bad situations generally.

Protection Amulet - Angel Caller

Charged in possession trance...

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Wear or keep in your bag or pocket to help protect yourself from evil. (Mounted on leather cord).

This Angel Caller protection amulet is fixed up by me and Pip de Belfry to keep evil and negativity at bay. No matter whether the bad is spiritual or of the material world, this amulet will hold it back.

A chime ball is inside the cage of the amulet, which makes a "tinkling" sound (like the song of angels) if you shake the amulet.

Angel Caller - open

Pip and me take these amulets out to the wilds of the countryside, in the county where we live, to charge them with numinous power - using Pip's favored natural magick methods.

First we bathe the amulets in the rays of the rising sun, then sprinkle them with water from a running stream, roll them over the earth and grass, and finally leave them on a rock to soak up the pure air.

After that I call upon the swirling glimmersparks (angels) that scatterdance all around us if we but open our inner eyes to see them. Using a dip pen, I also create a sigil to further connect the Angel Caller amulet to your hidden angelic power within.

Also in the package we send out to you is a hand-rolled beeswax candle, made by a small spiritual candle-makers in the UK. You simply burn this and relax, while feeling the protective energies of the Angel Caller and your hidden inner powers flow through you.

What People Say

"Doktor Snake he like somehow get this energy in his charms and I can feel it. It protect me, for real." Diamond (Jersey City, USA)

"I feel safe and protected now, a whole lot of people were sending out bad vibes, now this doesn't affect me." Lloyd, (Vermont, USA)

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