Spiritual Cleansing Amulet – Removes Negative Energy And Evil Forces

spiritual cleansing amulet

Magically charged by Doktor Snake to remove bad energy and evil forces that have accumulated in your astral body, cleansing your whole system so all forms of negativity are removed.

Are you plagued by negativity in your life? Are you under threat from dark forces? Or evil witchcraft? Have you been hexed? If so, this spiritual cleansing amulet will clear your astral body of these malign influences. It will cleanse and refresh your whole mind/body system from the negativity that's been plaguing you.

I charge this spiritual cleansing amulet at an old ruined medieval church, close to the coast in Eastern England. The area has a palpable spiritual resonance that is idea for the removal of bad energies. Once the healing crystal is imbued with numinous power it is all set to soak up and dissipate any evil that is impacting you.

What People Say

"Your crystal protected me from a really bad person who was doing spells against me. Thank you." Jen (Boston, USA)

"Crystal help me a lot, help me get over the negativity in my life. It worked." Tasheka, (Georgia, USA)

Order Your Spiritual Cleansing Package Now

spiritual cleansing amulet


Only $45 USD. (Plus postage & packing for faster, secure and trackable delivery)

Spiritual Cleansing Amulet: Healing crystal on 24-inch leather cord

If you are in Britain or Europe, you will receive your package within two working days of the ritual being performed. If you’re in the US, it takes four to five working days, and seven to ten days for the rest of the world.


voodoo card reading doktor snake

PLUS for an additional $47 you can get a CARD READING to gain insight into into how your life will pan out in the upcoming month or so and see the prevailing trends surrounding it. For many clients, a reading brings indispensable information that cannot be done without.


BE ASSURED: When you buy a voodoo artifact from Doktor Snake, you are in safe hands. As the author of the bestselling cult classic, “Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook” (St Martin’s Press), Doc has had many years experience helping people just like you improve their lives – as his customer testimonials show.

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