Wish Locket – Magic Amulet To Manifest Your Desires Into Reality

Set your wish and make it come true!

Wish Locket

Charged in possession trance...

State your magical intention, dream or wish, and it will be placed in this locket as a magical sigil...

How would you like to have a magical locket that works 24/7 to help bring your wish into reality?

My Wish Lockets have an antique gold finish and hang on a ball-chain (which you can cut to your required length if you so desire). Inside is a magic sigil, the intention of which is set by you.

It works this way...

You let me know your wish, otherwise known as your magical intention. Your wish should be one line like: “I wish to have money” or “I wish for love to enter my life.” A simple and direct wish is the most effective.

I then take the locket to a hillside overlooking the sea about thirty miles from where I live. I consider the area to be a place of power due to the sheer atmosphere of the place and its history. Use of the area dates back to Bronze Age times, and the hillside has numerous tumuli (mysterious mounds) scattered around the heath-land.

It was a place that ancient British shamans gathered to work their sorcery and commune with the vast expanses of the multiverse…

While at this location I perform a ritual to summon the numinous of the place, while at the same time turning the text of your wish into a magic sigil which I place inside the locket.

Wish Locket

It is this magic sigil that interacts with the numinous to help attract the forces and circumstances needed to make your wish come true.

What People Say

"Doc’s Wish Locket really comes with a sense of mystery. And before you ask. Yes, my wish came true..." Julie (Harrogate, UK)

"I just love my Wish Locket. Doc keeps my sense of magic alive." Sara, (California, USA)

BE ASSURED: When you buy a magical artifact from Doktor Snake, you are in safe hands. As the author of the bestselling cult classic, “Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook” (St Martin’s Press), Doc has had many years experience helping people just like you improve their lives – as his customer testimonials show.

£30 GBP | $40 USD (Plus postage & packing for faster, secure and trackable delivery)
Payments are via Paypal. When you click on "Add To Cart" button below, and fill in your postal/zip code, the shopping cart will default to your currency. Payments are made to Doktor Snake’s company MOJORAIN LTD (this will show up on your credit card or bank statement).

If you are in Britain or Europe, you will receive your package within two working days of the ritual being performed. If you’re in the US, it takes seven to ten working days, likewise for the rest of the world.

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