My voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe always advised telling the truth in card readings. He didn't have any truck with sugar-coated fortunetelling, mostly because in voodoo conjure and hoodoo fortune telling is more about spiritual diagnosis, rather than a "psychic" guessing game (which Earl had absolutely no time for).

"Try and tell people the truth as much as you can," he would say. "Most people - even the dumb-asses - will usually half-know when you are lying to them, unless you're a really great actor, and most likely you ain't."

It worked the other way round too.

"On the other hand," he said, "if you tell the truth, most people  - even the real smart ones - will usually know it's the truth, even when it's something they don't like to hear."

As far as Earl was concerned, if you tell the truth, people will always come back to you, because, as he put it, "most people won't tell them the truth, they'll sugar-coat."

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