The picture above is a cut out from an Ordnance Survey map of Norwich in England. The red arrow is pointing to a nondescript street in suburbia. BUT that street is called THOR LOKE. “Loke” means small lane in Old English. And Thor likely refers to the Norse god of thunder.

Considering that Norwich is in the county of Norfolk and the whole area was settled by Vikings and was under Dane Law, you wonder if over a thousand years ago Thor’s Loke was the site of a grove or small temple devoted to Thor?

Not far away is a road called Thunder Lane. All very suggestive, but not one word about it (that I can find) online. I will have to ask the archaeologists at the local museum what their thoughts are.

Years ago, probably about 2001, I did find some academic material online about Norwich Cathedral being built on the site of a temple to Thor. I should have done a screenshot as there’s no trace of it now.

There’s very little said about heathen roots locally. Loads of stuff about the Christian history. It’s almost as if they’d rather forget that we had temples to Thor / Thunor… Odin / Woden and so on.

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