Prof. Crow was just telling me how a lot of people ask him what the best books are on voodoo and hoodoo to learn from. This is what he tells them:

“Well I tell ’em it’s simple. Go to one of ’em big book websites an buy every thing ya can with hoodoo or voodoo in the title. Then at midnight take ya books, an an ole kerosene lamp, to the crossroads. Place all ’em books in middle of crossroads, make sure it is the dead of night – midnight – an’ throw that burning kerosene lamp onto ’em. Watch ’em go up in flames. They sure gonna keep ya warm that night!

He he he. Actually I’m jokin’. Don’t burn all the books. Keep a few aside. That way you can tear out their pages and stuff ’em in your vest to keep ya warm as ya jumpin’ the railroad!”

As a by the by, Prof now as a website. But it’s totally secret. He won’t give out the address to anybody…. ‘cept me and a select few others.

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