Many people fear the evil eye. With good cause. Certain powerful, but not necessarily benevolent,  individuals possess an “evil eye” with which they can hex or cast a curse on anyone at any time. It is usually accomplished by by staring at the victim with intense hatred or jealously.

Marie Laveau, the most famous voodoo queen of New Orleans, is said to have possessed a terrible evil eye. This is why many people feared her during her reign between the late 1820s and 1869 when she retired. Personally, I think Marie Laveau was a woman of greatness and innate nobility. Her fearsome reputation was really down to the fact that she was powerful enough not to have to take any sh*t!

Unsurprisingly, a great number of powerful charms, talismans and amulets have been designed to counteract the bad effects of the evil eye.

The Reverend Father Joe Watson, a voodoo worker of the 1930s, for example, said he could lift any hex, no matter how powerful it was, or who placed it. He may well have used one of the most powerful remedies in voodoo to dispel the baleful effects of the evil eye – a cross made from jet (black mineral) .

If you carry a properly consecrated jet cross it will totally shatter the resolve of anyone endeavoring to emit hatred and jealous vibrations against you, using the evil eye. It symbolically splits their baleful eye in two.

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