It’s often said that if more women were in positions of power, the world would be a more peaceful place. I could come up with a few examples that would go against that statement – firstly Lady Margaret Thatcher, who was never a shrinking violet; Catherine the Great succeeded her husband Peter following his assassination in 1762 and went on to lead military campaigns which extended the Russian borders by some 520,000 square kilometers; Lakshmi Bai, Queen of the Jhansi, who was the leader of the 1857/8 Indian mutiny against the British. You get my drift? And that’s without taking Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni into account …

However, being strong doesn’t have to mean that you want to advocate war – well, unless it’s war against the right things.

I was listening to a program that mentioned the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and I found myself wondering what if they were horsewomen? Would they use their strengths to bring harmony to the world?

So, we’re unseating Pestilence, War, Famine and Death from their saddles, and replacing them with Peace, Abundance, Wellbeing and Life. Sound good to you? Come on then ladies, we can show them who runs this show! We’re gonna be like the Zangbeto, who were the secret voodoo equivalent of the police force, keeping Law and Order before there was an official department to take care of all that.

There are rituals and workings that can be brought into play to produce ALL of these things.

We’re going to begin with to begin with health and wellbeing. After all, if we’re going onto battle, mental and physical health is a priority. We’re not going to get very far if we’re all down with some bug, right?

For this working, you’ll need:

  • A sage brush
  • Some Palo Santo wood (easily and cheaply available online)
  • Sky blue ribbon
  • Sky blue voodoo doll

Palo Santo wood is also known as Holy Wood, and has an uplifting fragrance combining notes of pine, mint and citrus. It also has a little coconut scent in there, and it is said to be feared by demons, as it stimulates feelings of harmony and the senses in general.

Firstly, add your Palo Santo wood into your sage brush, and tie it all together with the ribbon.

Next light it – sometimes Palo Santo takes a little while to light, but it will get there.

Sit quietly and visualize a glowing golden ball of light, filled with health. Take the voodoo doll in your left hand (which receives), and then imagine all of that energy flowing down your arm into the voodoo doll. When you feel all the power is packed in that little poppet, transfer it to your right hand, which is used for giving, and again, when you’re sure the tank is full, zap it out into the Multiverse. When that is done, you can give thanks to Salus, the Goddess of wellbeing who works not only on a personal level, and on a much larger scale. So we’re all bright eyed and bushy tailed now, ready to do battle.

Next we’re going to do a peace working. Now as well as helping to invoke Peace, I’m going to let you in on a little secret recipe very similar to one that sells for just over $45 on a well known U.S site, and not only that, you can only buy ONE bottle per month, and to do that you have to be an account holder!

To make your Peace Oil, you’ll need:

  • 4 drops of Roman Camomile or German Blue Camomile Oil
  • 10 drops of Patchouli Oil
  • 15 drops of Ylang Ylang Oil
  • 25 drops of Orange Oil
  • 25 drops of Tangerine Oil

As this is a concentrate oil, I would bottle it in a sun-proof glass bottle just as it is, and use and dilute it with that good ol’ carrier oil (something like jojoba) as and when you need it.

I would recommend using this one as a spiritual bath. Dilute your Peace Oil using 4 or 5 drops straight into your bath water. I would dress a white candle for Peace, and burn that while you’re in the tub. It’s a nice idea to have some harmonious music playing while you soak, and visualize sending all of that Peace out into the world to wind its way through anywhere where there is strife.

You can also use it to massage the soles of your feet after the bath, for which purpose you just need to blend a couple of drops of Peace Oil to your carrier oil. It’s even better if you can get someone to massage your feet for you!

For the Abundance working, we’re going to be looking to Oshun for her help. Aside from being the goddess of abundance and prosperity, Oshun is also sometimes known as Yalodde, which translates as “Mother of Nations” She is the symbol of independence, and also signifies victory over oppressive governments and regimes, so she’s definitely one to have on our side!

You will need:

  • 3 copper coins
  • 3 pumpkin seeds
  • Planter and compost/soil
  • Piece of purple paper or card
  • Purple candle
  • Purple thread
  • Honey, preferably locally sourced.

While you do this working, it’s good if you can find something yellow to wear, as that is Oshun’s color. It doesn’t matter how small it is, even if it’s just a cheap dime store trinket.

Firstly, take your piece of paper and write any words that you can think of that represent abundance – bountiful, wealth, prosperity or plentifullness for example. Concentrate on these things as you write them.

Anoint your candle with a little honey, as that’s one of Oshun’s favorite things. However, you MUST take a lick of the honey first, as she was almost fooled into eating some poisoned honey once, so you have to prove that you’re not trying to trick her.

Now place your coins and pumpkin seeds on the paper. Again, copper represents Oshun, as do pumpkin seeds. We’re using three of each as three is the number of abundance. It also represents the Holy Trinity, or alternatively body, soul and spirit.

Light your candle, and as you do so, take one pumpkin seed and say “I call upon you Oshun to accept this seed and feed it so it may grow.” Then plant it in your container of compost/soil.

Take the second seed and say: “I call upon you Oshun to nurture this seed to become a seedling”, and again plant it in your container.

Take the third seed and say: “I call upon you Oshun to nurture and protect this seed to come to healthy and bounteous fruition.” Then plant it along with the other two seeds. Care for the seeds as you would do with any plant or seed.

Place the copper coins in the center of the piece of paper, and fold it towards you three times. Tie the talisman with the purple thread with three knots, and then seal it with some wax dripped from the candle. Carry this talisman with you in a left hand pocket to receive Oshuns blessings and energies for seven days, and then transfer it to a right hand pocket, as you do, visualizing the gifts from Oshun flowing out into the world to provide abundance wherever it is needed.

And so we move onto the fourth working for Life.

For this, we are going back to the symbolism from many religions who believed that trees were sacred symbols of Life. You will find the Tree of Life cited for example in Norse mythology, where it appears as Yggdrasil. In Judaism it is named Eitz Chaim, which literally translates as “Tree of Life”, and in the teachings of the Kabbalah, it is portrayed as ten interconnected points which represent the “Infinite God”. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the banyan tree is sacred and magical, stemming from the fact that in adulthood, its branches reach back down to the ground and help to absorb nutrients in addition to the actual trunk carrying out that function.

In Egyptian mythology, both Osiris and his wife Isis are born from an acacia tree.The Celts had great respect for “Crann Bethadh”, and this has come to be known as the Celtic Tree of Life. When they founded a new settlement, they would choose the strongest tree, and it would be seen as the soul of the tribe. So much so, that in battles, tribes would try to destroy their opponents tree in order to almost “sap” their enemies of courage.

And of course, there’s always the Tree of Life in the Christian belief. The Book of Genesis mentions two trees – the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge, and after having eaten the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, and God placed a guardian on the Tree of Life in order that it could not be reached.

Anyway, enough of explaining exactly why trees are so integral to magic – let’s get on to the ritual working.

You will need:

  • A large, healthy tree in your neighborhood, preferably one that is in a quiet location so that you can do your working.
  • A sage brush
  • A blue candle
  • An egg

An image of the Tree of Life, which you can draw or print out from the image below, on a piece of paper which is large enough to wrap your egg.

tree of lifeTake yourself (and your objects) to the tree. Sit quietly and try to calm your mind. Light your sagebrush and use it to symbolically cleanse the area of negative energies.

Light your candle, and ask Pomona, who is the Roman goddess of trees for her help. Call on her to share her blessings by saying:

“Pomona, Goddess of the Life giving trees,
Grant the world the wisdom of your knowledge
That all peoples may learn to live in Peace and Harmony
And that the seeds of Peace which we sow may grow to healthy fruition throughout the world.”

Thank her for her help, and as a sign of your hopes and gratitude, wrap the egg in the paper with the Tree of Life symbol, dig a small hole in the ground, place the egg in the hole and break it. Then cover it with earth. The life force which is symbolized by the egg will flow into the earth and carry with it your intent.

When you have completed the ritual, blow out the candle, and take some time to sit in stillness again before you head home.

So there you have it – the four ritual workings. As it would be quite a task to carry all of them out as an individual, I would suggest that you look to the cardinal sign which governs you, and say for Earth go for Abundance, as the earth provides us with everything that we need.

For Fire go with well-being, as fire is cleansing.

If you are ruled by the Air, go with the Peace working, and if you are one of cardinal water signs, go with the Life working.

However, that’s not a hard and fast suggestion; if you feel particularly drawn to one of the workings more than the others, it’s probably telling you that if you go with your heart, you are more likely to put more intent into your conjure, which will give it the optimum results.

And besides, the Law of Probability will (probably) ensure that there are equal numbers choosing each of the workings.

The more observant amongst you may have noticed that there are FIVE horsewomen (or Valkyries if we’re being pedantic) in the image, and that is because it has been suggested that there is a fifth horseman waiting in the wings – the horseman of Politics. Quite how we rail against him I’m not quite sure as yet – but if anyone can think of any anti-Trump, anti-May, anti-Johnson workings – you catch my drift, let me know!

Right, what are we waiting for? Forwards my sisters, for we are the Warriors of Peace!

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