Macabre it may be, but graveyard dirt is a main staple of the hoodoo man (and woman). It’s a powerful conjure item. For it to be most effective you have to get it from the coffin of a dead person on the waste of the moon at midnight.

Even more importantly, you should leave a silver coin on the grave. This will keep the spirit from bothering you. The other thing is you must never look back when you leave the graveyard, otherwise the spirit might follow you home.

If you rub graveyard dirt on your hands, you can conjure a person just by shaking hands with them (while visualizing the intent of your conjure in your mind’s eye as you do so). If you sprinkle graveyard dirt around your victim’s house or in their yard they will become sleepy and sluggish, and will gradually waste away. Either that or he or she will immediately run away or leave town.

But graveyard dirt is like guns or money; it can be used for good or evil. If you are in pain, for example, cook up some graveyard dirt with lard and mold it into the shape of a pancake. Sprinkle on some turpentine and apply the mixture to the part of your body causing you pain. It’s a sure-fire cure.

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