A voodoo serpent ritual led to her guy declaring his love for her…

Back in the 1980s my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe and I used to rehearse with our world music band in Tottenham in North London. And we had this girl backing singer. She was in love with a guy, a ne’er do well drummer in another band that rehearsed down the corridor. He messed her around and showed no commitment, though he professed to care about her.

The problem was, because of her romance problems, she’d burst into tears at any given moment – even in the middle of live gigs.

Earl and I didn’t have the heart to fire her – and besides she really was a great singer, who did a great job of complimenting Earl’s bluesy/Caribbean tinged lead vocals.

One time, Earl sat her down and said: “Look we gotta sort this guy out. You need to use the power of serpents to bring him to you and make him declare his love for you.”

I poured her a large glass of rum from the bottle I kept stashed in my guitar bag. Then took a large swig from the bottle myself, before handing it to Earl, who explained what the girl needed to do. He said:

“To compel this guy to you, take a few hairs from your head, name them with your guy’s name, then put them in a bottle of rainwater near the front door of your house. Within three or four days the hairs will swell and turn into snakes and the guy will be compelled to that spot. He will turn up on your doorstep and go down on his knees begging you to be his, and his alone.”

Earl took another large swig of rum and added: “Nothing can withstand the power of snakes. Marie Laveau, the greatest New Orleans voodoo queen there ever was, had her Li Grand Zombi [snake deity].”

Earl turned out to be right. The guy did turn up on her doorstep, roaring drunk and in an emotional state, declaring his undying love for the girl singer. The relationship didn’t last though. Ironically, she found someone new. It was probably for the best. And Earl and I were secretly pleased about that. We couldn’t take much more of her breaking down on stage. We used to have to get people to comfort her while we carried on with the gig.

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