The key to casting voodoo spells that work is the ability to enter a trance state, similar to self-hypnosis or meditation. It brings the subconscious to the fore, and the subconscious mind is the powerhouse within. It is the internal magician that can effect change, not only in you, but in the world around you.

By going into trance you can muster up the power of belief. Believing that magick works and that a spell really will effect the changes you want in life, is critical to the success of any spellworking.

So trance goes hand-in-hand with belief. You use trance to help you create and sculpt a belief that is in accord with the intent of your spellworking.

Most people don’t recognize that belief is malleable.  But if you are willing to take on a given belief, then discard it when it is no longer needed, you have one of the biggest secrets to magick and spellcasting in your grasp.

My voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe, featured in my Voodoo Spellbook, put it this way:

“You gotta have belief and a deep knowing for voodoo to work. Don’t matter if nobody else believes so long as you do. If you don’t believe, and you wanna work conjure, you gotta mesmerize yourself in trance till you do believe… when the job is done you can switch off belief. Trance is the V8 engine of voodoo.”

A good way to enter trance was taught to me by Earl. He called it the Skeleton Dance.

“That ’cause you dance your mind over your bones,” he said.

This is how Earl laid it down:

“What you do is simple, you imagine your skeleton, and then, starting with the toes, picture in your mind’s eye each bone in your body. From the toes you work your way up both legs at once, flow into the pelvis, shoot up the spine, swoop across the ribs, sail down the arms, ride back up to the shoulders, then up the neck to the skull, and right into the centre of the brain — which, from a medical textbook point-of-view, isn’t a bone, but wha’da they know?”

The Skeleton Dance is a technique that goes way back; you can be traced back to shamans in out on the African Savannah when we were sharing the world with sabre tooth tigers. The fact that Earl used the Skeleton Dance just shows that hoodoo and voodoo doctors – results magickians – used whatever works to get things done.

When you do the Skeleton Dance, you’ll drift into trance pretty quickly. You’ll get dreamy and relaxed and visions will flow past your mind’s eye.

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