It was a warm spring afternoon in London – back in the day – when my voodoo mentor, Earl Marlowe, revealed to me the no.1 critical secret of voodoo doll magick. This is what he said:

“Most practitioners are clueless. They ain’t got no idea how to fix up a voodoo doll. They talk about using their ‘psychic powers’ to empower the doll. That’s a heap o’ shit. Those dolls have about as much mojo as a dead fly on a window pane. What you gotta do is bring your voodoo doll to life. It has to be a livin’ thing.

Lemme tell you this: One time I fixed up a voodoo doll to bring back a woman’s husband who’d walked out on her and gone with another girl. During the midnight ritual in the cemetery I called up the spirits, Ole Satan and the Graveyard Snake. Now they knew that a spirit has to live in the doll for it to work So they brought a spirit right up outa Hell and he took his home in the doll.

Next thing I know, that doll moved! It raised its arm in the air and winked at me! That voodoo doll came to life. And that how it should be. Yo’ voodoo doll gotta live for the spell to work.

And it ain’t no damn good callin’ on angels either. You wanna bring an errant guy back, he ain’t comin’. No he ain’t. You need Ole Satan and the Graveyard Snake, you wanna get the job done.

And I’ll tell you, that woman’s husband come runnin’ on back to her within 7 days o’ that voodoo doll comin’ to life. He was beggin’ her to take him back.”

Every voodoo doll Earl and I ever made was brought to life and animated. And that’s exactly how I do it to this day with all my voodoo dolls.

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