It’s heavy snow over here in Eastern England this week. Doktor Snake wasn’t too happy (to say the least) to see his beloved car covered with it and frozen up this morning. He said something about, “If I wanted a snowman, I’d buy one from the store, one that lights up and pushes out heat. I’m moving to another country…”

So, anyway, on days like this, when it feels like your brain has gone into hibernation and all you want to do is curl up with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and a crackling fire, give yourself a shake and remember that the rare appearance of snow gives you a chance to do some magick that doesn’t come along every day.

Wrap yourself up and get out there and collect some of that white wonder!

Snow can be used in a variety of ways; being transformed water, it can be worked into all kinds of cleansing rituals. One of the old ways of ridding yourself of a troublesome person or habit is to write your intention on a piece of paper and freeze it in an ice tray in the freezer.

Snow can be used for the same purpose, but being a natural source, works that much better. You can either choose to bury the paper under the deepest snow you can find, or if it is a very short message, you can even write it in the snow, and as the snow melts, your problem will disappear.

Strangely, this can also be used to obtain your goals. If you write your wishes in the same way and concentrate on your desires as you do so, as the snow melts, your wishes will be released into the powers of the multiverse.

The conditions when you collect your snow can also be put to different uses – if it is after the snow has fallen, and all is peaceful, it can be used for workings where you wish to achieve calmness and tranquility. Likewise, if you collect your snow during a blizzard, it will harness huge quantities of energy that can be put to good use at a later date.

The beauty of snow magic is that it can be used initially with the snow itself, or by gathering some in a jar and storing it in your fridge to use as magickal water at some other time. Remember the potency of snow is that it captures the energy of transformation, which lends itself to all kinds of uses.

If there is enough snow, you have the added opportunity of making a snowman, which you can place on your property and charge with magick to protect your home.

All in all, snow is truly magical…

So while you’re pondering making snow angels, make sure to really make the most of the gift that nature has given you, rather than just cursing it because it makes it more difficult to get to the stores … The stores will wait, but magick is whispering in your ear to do it NOW!

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