Did the pagans have the power to change your life for the better? Was the heathen mindset more open and connected to the eternal cycle than ours is today?

Let’s find out. And allow this rustic charm – a living, breathing woodland deity – to speak directly to you. It will change your life…

The woodland deity speaks…

From the woods did I come. Once swaying in the breeze, chilled by the cold rains and snows, warmed by the life-giving sun.

All nature nourished me. But I too gave myself of myself to the eternal cycle.

And when a strong and mighty wind blew, I fell from the great tree, grasping glyphs of power as I tumbled howling and screaming to the ground.

There I lay until the hooded man came…

With his sharpened blade did he reform me, bringing me new life and animation.

As I took my first breath in my new life, no longer was I swayed hither and thither by the winds in the tree.

Now I was a wooden man, a glory twig, infused with the glyphs of creation.

I had a new purpose. The one set for me by the hooded man of the woods.

The man with the serpent’s tongue. He who learned of the world’s machinations from raven and crow.

His knife fashions life and sparks the great firmament with its angular cuts.

Take heed of my words!

And listen closely. For I have the power to change your life!

Empty your mind of trivial thoughts. Be still.

And ask me your deepest wish. Tell me your one true desire.

For I fill grant it.

State and see your wish in your mind’s eye.

It will come to pass in the fullness of time, when the mighty fates decree it.

For now, you will find that you have changed deep inside. A vibrant feeling of inspiration, oneness and joy will come upon you. And will grow in you as the days unfold.

Fare thee well! Follow the signs. Listen to the raven and crow. For they shall guide your way.

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