When diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend – the lowdown on dark crystal magick…

Now, everyone thinks of crystals as being sparkly, girly “a bit of airy-faery” magick, but there IS a dark side to crystals, and I don’t just mean the film Dark Crystal.

Some would have you believe that there is no such thing as a negative crystal, that they only create positive energy.

But if that’s the case, why do crystals need to be cleansed?

Also, if you want to be technical about it, science recognises positive and negative crystals. If you can figure out what the definitions mean, let me know in plain speak, but for now we’re dealing with the magick interpretation.

As I said, when you buy or are given crystals, you should always cleanse them, as you never know what mischief they may have picked up along their journey to you from not so benevolent hands.

It’s not only crystals that can store negative energy. For instance, have you ever walked into a room and sensed it wasn’t quite right somehow? Or maybe bought something from a thrift store and felt it had a negative air about it? This is down to objects having absorbed energies from previous occupants or owners.

So when it comes to crystals, don’t hesitate to get down to some serious cleansing!

Anyway, let’s look at the seven main crystals that contain elements of negativity.

1: Diamond


So, the first of the potentially mischievous crystals is our old friend, the diamond. OK, so it might look pretty and sparkle blindingly, but there is its cloaked intention. It can be used to induce spiritual “blindness” and thus a sense of disorientation. It can be given as a gift when somebody doesn’t want you to be able to see past their questionable actions and motives, so just make sure you wear your shades and don’t be bedazzled by its glitz.

2: Emerald


Next up is the emerald. This can be used to create ridiculous levels of greed in a person. It could be used by someone who, for whatever reason, wants to make somebody envy them. Remember “the green eyed monster”? So why do you think they chose the color of the emerald to denote jealousy? Think about it …

3: Shark’s Teeth

sharks teeth fossils

OK, not strictly a crystal. But fossilised sharks teeth – or indeed any predatory animals – can be another gift cloaking shady intentions. Just think about all of that aggression that’s been stored away in there, and what’s more, locked in by a calcified casing! They can also be used to create a feeling of constant hunger in somebody, so while it could be a sneakily well-meaning gift to an anorexic friend, your “frenemy”who’s trying to lose weight really wouldn’t thank you for it … Enough said.

4: Hermatite

Hematite crystal

Hematite is the first of the “good cop, bad cop” crystals that I’m going to mention. It can be used for a variety of darker, nefarious purposes. This is especially so when powdered and charged – you can blow it at your enemy or wipe some onto some of their belongings, and it’s a sure fire way of casting your vote to send them to Hell! However, in its positive abilities, hematite is used almost like a sponge, to soak up negative energies and then alter them to positive ones. Also, wearing a hematite ring on your non-dominant hand is meant to boost your intuitive powers, so maybe it would warn you of your “friend” who’s thinking about wiping it on your door handle? Worth a thought …

5: Kunzite

kunzite crystal

The next little questionable beauty on my list is kunzite. Now this can really be a Pandora’s Box of a crystal. It can be helpful by making someone focus on what’s really important to them, but when it’s charged to the max and beyond, it can make people incapable of holding their lives together. It can make them extremely vulnerable, and opens them up to addictions of any kind taking hold

6: Obsidian

obsidian crystal

The second of the “good cop/bad cop” crystals is obsidian. When it is sharp, it adds a whoosh of fire to elemental magick, and is used as a weapon. Think back to our ancestors, who used this crystal to make knives, arrowheads and so on … But equally, when it is polished or tumbled, it becomes almost a protective shield, and works against negative energy and psychic attack.

7: Black Onyx

black onyx crystal

The last of the troublemakers that I’m going to mention for now is black onyx. This one can be used to break up relationships. If you are in a steady relationship with someone, and find stray pieces of this one lying around the place, it’s a sure fire sign that someone has it in for your relationship, and may either be trying to just break it up completely, or alternatively remove one of you from the partnership, maybe to their own ends. It can also be used to induce nightmares and mental torment.

But to finish up, let’s get positive…

So now you’re aware that your magpie eye may be fooled by a sparkling gift that’s not quite all it seems to be, here’s a quick list of a few crystals that can be totally welcomed into your Life.

Selenite vibrates at a super high frequency, and the energy it surrounds you with has been described as being light as a feather. Sweetness and light, that’s selenite.

Obsidian as I said, falls into both camps, but even in its positive form it might come with potential drawbacks if you’re not ready to face up to things in your Life, as it will show you how YOU took a part in creating negative situations around you and it pulls no punches. Be warned if you’re not ready for that scenario. Rainbow colored glasses will have no effect here.

Carnelian is another helpful one to have around. It is said that it can block attempts to read your mind by creating a shield. Interestingly enough, according to The Egyptian Book of The Dead, carnelian was placed in Egyptian tombs to serve as a kind of all encompassing magick armor.

And the last of the positive ones I’m going to mention for now is maybe one of the most useful. Black tourmaline is what I would liken to the little pacman of the crystal world. It likes nothing better than to race around gobbling up every last little crumb of negative energy, and not only that, but once it’s chowed it down, it transforms it as if by magick into positive energy. It really is a powerhouse in the crystal world.

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