When you think of a poppet doll, most people would automatically associate it with crafting or buying one to represent another person, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t turn that idea on its head and make one of yourself to draw things to you that you desire in Life.

Voodoo dolls as we think of them today are in reality the love child of the European poppet doll (the word comes from the Latin “pupa” meaning baby), and the West African bocio. When they met, sweet music and magick were made, and the result was the voodoo fetish doll we are familiar with.

They also have sprinklings of even older traditions – in Egypt, it is said that the enemies of Pharaoh Ramses III used wax effigies to bring about his death, and they appear in Greek culture, where the tragedy writer Theocritus speaks of burning and melting wax images known as kolossoi to bring about love spells.

A poppet always has more power if you make it yourself, as I have always said. So say for example you want to draw more money to yourself, you would make your poppet and stuff it with maybe a shredded dollar bill, along with money drawing herbs and anything else that seems appropriate. When it’s done, you would anoint it with something like fast luck oil or abundance oil.

They can also be made to help with other aspects of your Life – in this day and age, many of us have things about ourselves that we would like to have more confidence with, be it losing weight, beating an addiction, overcoming shyness and so on.

As the doll is of yourself, it’s far easier than creating a doll of someone else, as you don’t have to go foraging around for someone else’s clothes, hair or whatever concerns you want to use. Once you have made your doll, you can use pins in a sympathetic magick way to achieve whatever it is that you want.

A few examples would be a yellow pin into the mouth or ear for help with communications; purple to help with any substance abuse; green into the belly for weight loss; orange for extra energy and to revitalize, or pink into the heart for making it easier to socialise and make friends.

The number one thing to remember is that as you insert the pins, you do it gently and with Love, and try to feel that energy coming into you.

When it is completed, you can anoint it with oils if you wish, hold it close to you and instill it with your personal powers and Life force, and maybe sleep with it under your pillow at night for at least a few days.

Another important thing to remember is that you must treat it well – if you were doing the working to take effect on someone else, you would put all of your intent into it, so it’s just as important to make sure that you empower yourself with all of that energy.

As you have made almost a “mini me”, it will help to act as your willpower and conscience, and act as a spiritual guide, as you have in fact made a twin.

There is no end to the variety of uses you can find for these “self love” poppets, so if you give it a try and see what results you get.

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