It’s tough to find a job these days. And even harder to land a job you enjoy. But add a little voodoo to the mix and you can land the job you want…

1. Devil’s Shoestring employment spell

With this spell, using your full intent is the key to success. All you need do is  get yourself a piece of Devil’s Shoestring root. This root has gained its name because it supposedly has the power to trip the Devil up, and is strongly associated with finding work. Simple put a piece in your pocket, or carry it on your person in a conjure bag. For better results, you can anoint it with Crown of Success oil.

2. Crown of Success candle

You can ramp things up by doing a candle spell. For this one, you need to take a candle and write your name on it using a toothpick or an old pen. Dress the candle using Crown of Success oil and then hold the candle by both ends to charge it with your intent.

Before you light your candle, surround it with images that are fitting with the kind of job that you are looking for, then light the candle and focus your attention on the job you’d like.

3. Dream Job Spell

If you know exactly what job you want, try this dream job spell. It takes a little imagination as you need to write yourself an advertisement for the job that you’d love to have.

Anoint the advert with a little Come To Me oil and place it in a drawstring bag, then carry it with you until you find your dream job.

This can also be used if you are already working, but would like to find the job that really suits you. Don’t forget to feed it with oil once a week.

4. Find a job mojo

You can also make yourself up a mojo bag specifically aimed at finding a job. There are a couple of alternatives for this one.

The first involves taking a mojo bag and filling it with three cloves of garlic, nine small pieces of bread, some magnetic sand and a lodestone. Anoint the bag with a few drops of magnet oil, and then take it with you to job interviews, remembering to add a couple more drops of oil before each interview.

The second recipe needs a few more ingredients. You will need a sprinkling of 5 finger grass, some deer’s tongue, and most importantly some gravel root. You can also add in some rue if you wish.

The third also uses a lodestone, and if you are male, some High John the Conqueror root, or if you are female, an angelica root. Sprinkle the contents of the bag with a little magnetic sand and a couple of drops of Crown of Success oil and you’re good to go.

5. Resume Spell

This one is a bit messy, but well worth giving a try. To work this one, take a copy of your resume and write a detailed description of your ideal job. This is where it starts to get messy – brush the resume with honey and dust it with magnetic sand. If you haven’t used magnetic sand before, be warned that it is extremely fine, almost like talcum powder, and you know how that can get everywhere, so use some caution.

Fold the resume seven times. Next, anoint an orange candle with some Van Van Oil while you focus on your dreams of employment coming to fruition.

Now for even more mess, roll the candle in gold glitter, then place it on top of the folded resume and light it. This working is best performed during the New Moon for maximum effect.

6. Get a job in nine days

Although job hunting can be a long, drawn out process, there is also a working which will land you a job within nine days. For it to have the maximum chance to work, you need to accompany it with intensive efforts, but it can bring impressive results.

For this one, you need to tie a High John the Conqueror root and a cinnamon stick together with red, green or gold thread, or you can use a mix of the colors. Ensure that you “tie in” your intentions with each knot that you tie.

Dress this with Three Kings Oil, and carry it with you in a red flannel mojo bag. Anoint the mojo bag each morning with some more oil before you set out on your job hunting.

If this doesn’t bring any significant change after the 9 days, it is a sign that you maybe need to reconsider your plans and look into alternatives.

So hopefully you now have a few magic tricks to arm you for finding your dream job. Good luck!

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