I get a lot of people writing to me for advice on dealing with bad neighbors. Often they are being subjected to loud music and anti social behavior at all hours of the day and night.

When the victims complain, they often receive verbal abuse from their bad neighbors. Some are even threatened with violence. Situations like this are terrible, especially for the vulnerable, such as older people or the disabled. I know I was forced to move house once when the situation became intolerable, and I only wish I had known about this conjure then. It might have saved my kids and myself a lot of unnecessary grief.

There’s no doubt about it, antisocial neighbors need dealing with promptly. The sooner you nip the problem in the bud, the better for you. There are a few different workings you can use for this type of problem. We can do a ritual on your behalf – for this we would use our Bad Neighbor Remover Mojo Hand. Or you can give it a go yourself and try the working below.

Bad Neighbor Removal Spell

This is what you need to do:

  • Take a small piece of parchment paper or art paper and write your bad neighbor’s name on it nine times using Dove’s Blood Ink or a red pen.
  • Light a black Double Action Reverse Candle (available from occult stores or online) and mix together the following ingredients:


1 teaspoon of Snake Root Powder

9 pieces of hair or some fingernail clippings from your bad neighbour, or any other personal items you can get without them knowing. This can be the difficult part, so use your imagination to find something personal that they may leave lying around that they will not miss.

2 teaspoons of Graveyard Dirt

1 teaspoon of Poke Root Powder

  • Blow the candle out after it has burned for one hour. Then place it in a small saucepan and melt the wax down. Add the above ingredients to the hot wax, and then put in the parchment paper. If it is a little difficult to mix in, you can tear the paper into smaller pieces to make it easier to blend, it won’t cause a problem with the magic.
  • Allow it to cool slightly. Then thoroughly knead the black wax, taking out the frustrations you feel towards your bad neighbor. You can speak your feelings out loud if it helps and feels appropriate. Shape the wax into a ball.
  • Set this aside in a cool, dark place to completely harden. When it is hard, go to a river or stream and throw the ball in over your left shoulder. Walk away slowly without glancing back.

This voodoo spell will give your bad neighbor their just desserts. It will make them depressed and miserable about where they are living. This will then cause them to take steps to move away from your neighbourhood completely, returning you to peace and calm.

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