We all know that in these uncertain financial times, we are sometimes lucky if we have a job. There’s plenty of people who don’t.

But what about if you have a job but feel that you’re worth more than you’re being paid for your efforts? I know I certainly decided that one day when I had to put my hand down a toilet to fish out a broken glass for well under ten bucks an hour …

Well this little baby of a spell will help you to get the recognition you deserve, and at the same time earn you the respect of your boss and colleagues. And sometimes even just a bit of respect goes a LONG way.

This one was passed along by Earl Marlowe, and it’s very handy in all circumstances where money is needed, but particularly for pay rises.

✴ To work it, you need a voodoo doll. You can either buy one, or make your own, and it’s better and easier if you can make your own, as this one needs you to insert things inside the doll. The simplest way is to just cut out a couple of pieces of cloth in the shape of a person. Green is a good color, as it represents money. You could also use felt, as it doesn’t fray, so makes things a bit easier. Sew them together and stuff with material, cotton wool or kapok. Remember not to stitch it up totally, so you have somewhere to insert your ritual items. Once you’ve got a doll, burn some Money Drawing incense and pass the doll through it to consecrate it.

✴ Anoint a green candle with Money Oil, remembering to draw the Oil towards you. Place the candle safely on a white saucer and light it.

✴ Using a fountain pen or a quill, write out your request on a piece of parchment paper or thick art paper, using Dove’s Blood Ink, or a red pen if you don’t have any to hand. Your request could be something like “Spirits, bring me a raise to match my worth”.

✴ Now put a few small coins inside the doll, along with a piece of John the Conqueror Root (made famous in Blues songs by Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf). Then sew up the doll and sprinkle it with Money Drawing Powder and anoint it with Bayberry Oil.

As you do this, recite the following incantation:

“Money doll, money doll,
Bring me a raise to match my worth,
Money doll, money doll,
Stuff my bank full of cash.”

Once the voodoo working is cast, place the doll where you can always see it, but don’t let anyone but you touch it. Every seven days, place one or two coins in front of the doll to rekindle its taste for money. Follow this conjure, and within no time your raise will be in the bank!

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