It was Thursday night, August 31st, 2017. Around 21:00. The dark night was lit only by the moon, which was obscured now and then by clouds. H.O.O.D.O.O. Mistik, Pip De Belfry, and I had driven over to what remains of Rackheath Airfield, a WW2 USAF Liberator base situated near the Norfolk broads in the UK – about half-a-mile from the Salhouse railway halt.

The plan was to go for a nighttime walk out in the wilds, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But just as we were setting off down the now derilict airfield service road, Pip said, “What was that light?” She was looking a different way to me so I didn’t see it.

She pointed over to where she’d seen the light (in the direction of Coltishall, a Norfolk village) and we watched for a moment or two. Then flash! A light lit up the sky from behind a large lingering cloud. Then it went out.

There was no sign of any beams coming up from the ground, so it couldn’t have been a laser light show or arc lights. And besides, all there was in that direction was the odd hamlet and village.

Then the flash of light happened again, and again…

It seemed to be coming from above the clouds, and judging by its sheer intensity and size, had it been powered from something on the ground, it would have taken a hell of a lot of electricity.

I did wonder if it was some form of electrical storm. But there was no rumble of thunder, and no sound whatsover. Plus the light was intense, and there were no streaks or forks of lightning. And the light flashes seemed to shift slowly east.

But if the lights were, say, 25 or 30 miles away, then there is a radar station at Bacton on the coast. To Pip and I, we could only think the lights were either military or UFO – as in unidentified objects in the sky. Or maybe something to do with both.

Or maybe the lights were meant for us in some weird way, like a melding of mind and nature, and we were supposed to gain some insight from this strange light show.

I’ve seen many inexplicable light phenomena since I was a boy, and it is always a reminder that what we perceive with our senses (and process with our brains) is really only a small part of what is out there…

NOTE: The photo above of Rackheath Airfield was taken at a different time, early evening – as when we saw the flashing lights it was way too dark to get a decent photo.


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