In Britain, there's a lot of worry about the big cuts that will soon be made in the public sector. Services will be lost and people will lose their jobs. The cuts are necessary because Britain's national debt is so huge, due to the effects of the recession and apparent mismanagement by the last government.

Naturally, people working in the public sector are worried. A woman called Jane, for example, called me earlier saying she was certain her job would go.

"I'm so afraid," she said. "I'm an administrator for social services and I just know my department is for the chop. I honestly don't know what I'll do without my job. How will I pay the mortgage? Can your voodoo help me keep my job?"

I told Jane that her best bet is not to look to the past, but to shoot for her dreams. I recommended she have a voodoo spirit bottle fixed up not just to keep her current job, but to get a better one if the worst comes to the worst.

"That way, if you lose your job, but walk into a better one," I said, "you'd look back and think those public sector cuts were the best thing that happened to you."

The voodoo spirit bottle working is a very powerful way of achieving success or turning your career around. It involves me going to a place of power at midnight and performing a ritual that entices a spirit - a djinn or genie - into a small bottle. I enter a shamanic trance and speak to the entity in unknown tongues, which is the language of the subconscious, the powerhouse within.

Once that is done I create a wish paper talisman on parchment using pen and ink. This is a binding contract with the spirit, compelling it to do the bidding of the person I am casting the spell for... if their career is on the rocks like Jane's, that spirit is going to work 24/7 to totally transform their working life 100% for the better.

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