Ultimate Voodoo Dolls – Limited Edition of TEN ONLY – Specially Formulated Ritual

voodoo dolls for positivity healing good fortune

These unique voodoo dolls will bring you positivity, healing, and good fortune in the current climate of turmoil and uncertainty.

The world is in unprecedented turmoil right now. Many of us are anxious and scared. Not just for ourselves. But for our families and our loved ones too.

Health is a major issue. So is our financial well-being.

We don’t know if the whole world will go into meltdown. We don’t even know if we’ll be in the land of the living a year from now.

Everything we thought was certain is now uncertain.

The question is, what would you give to feel safe and warm inside? To be looked after? And to feel a warm, comforting glow deep within?

Look, I’m not making 100% promises here. All I know is when you have a properly configured and ritually-charged voodoo doll… one that is uniquely fashioned… one that has had EVERYTHING put into it… then you stand a FAR better chance of getting through hard and uncertain times.

It’s like you have your own personal Guardian Angel looking out for you. Caring about you and your loved ones’ well-being.

When the going gets tough, you have to do something…

That’s why I pulled out the stops to create these uniquely-fashioned voodoo dolls. I knew that these terrifyingly precarious times called for extreme measures.

I knew I had to do something to meet the challenge of what’s going on right now.

Voodoo doll for positivity, healing and good fortune

Limited edition…

Please recognize I only have 10 of these of these voodoo dolls, and I can only do ten rituals to charge them. Why? Because the United Kingdom is in strict lockdown right now.

Going out to the place of power I use in the countryside is taking a risk. Police are everywhere telling you to move on or booking you. So like everybody else my movements are limited.

Nevertheless, I am able to get to my main ritual area on foot…

This involves scaling a wall dashing over a railroad track, which takes me into the countryside on the edge of town.

After walking along a dirt track for about a mile I come to a copse of trees, which, according to my research, was likely a sacred site used by neolithic sorcerers in Ancient Britain.

Amidst the trees, I light a small fire, throw herbs and roots into the flames, to attract the spirits of the place.

Uttering archaic chants and invocations, I cojoule the spirits to enter the voodoo dolls and charge them with living, breathing energy.

By now, you’re probably wondering what one of these unique voodoo dolls will do for you…

In these truly awful times, your voodoo doll will act as a mascot of positivity. Whenever you feel anxious or down, you can hold your voodoo doll in your hands and you will feel your mood lighten and your optimism restored.

If you feel in need of a boost, again hold your voodoo doll and feel its healing energies flow through you.

And if your luck has deserted you, just hold your voodoo doll again and good fortune will return to you.

Understand, these voodoo dolls have been rigorously configured to act as your very own Guardian Angel to look after you, and make you feel warm and safe, in these difficult times.

Just keep your voodoo doll in a drawer or wardrobe, or display it on a shelf or mantlepiece, and it will do its work for you.

Lastly, in the light of these precarious times, I’m offering these voodoo dolls at a full £20 ($25 USD) LESS than my standard voodoo dolls.

Remember, this is a LIMITED EDITION. I can only do TEN of these voodoo doll rituals. So you’ll need to get in early to be assured of getting one.

Also note, these dolls are quite big, about a foot tall. And each doll varies a little in the design.


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