Hi Cynthia here again!

How are you all? Good I hope!

We often have clients write to us saying that life is just not going the way they want it to – they feel that all is against them, there is no hope and that they may even have been cursed.

They feel their luck has flown – no job opportunities, love life has gone to pot, losing friends and generally feel stuck with no idea how to more forwards

In most instances we will look into this with a card card reading to see if a curse or hex has been put on them.

If there is evidence of this then we can work to remove this – no problemo!

But sometimes we see that there is just a cloud of negativity hanging over them- no obvious reason and not down to any malicious actions by another.

We see that often this is a result of lots of bad events building up and sending them into a downward spiral.

So clearly something is needed to be done to lift them out of this state of affairs.

This is where the Gris Gris – spiritual cleansing working – comes in – we often use it in these instances to give the client the kick start they need to get things back on a roll again.

It works by dissolving this dark cloud to the point that the client is lifted from the state of ennui that is holding them back- and when that happens the results can be life changing!

That is when the magic happens!

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