As we read the omens, two black crows watched balefully…

It was just before sunset up at Alexandra Palace, a picturesque green sprawl high up on a hill in North London. I was doing a personal consultation with a client – a business executive who we’ll call Jason.

Although pretty successful, Jason had become worried by a recent spate of negative events and ill-luck. His marriage had broken up, various investments had collapsed (apparently for no reason), and he’d developed a number of annoying (but not too serious) health complaints.

He was also lethargic, depressed and almost totally without energy. He’d sought help from doctors and therapists. None seemed able to isolate the problem or do any good.

A friend of Jason’s recommended he consult me. Although skeptical, he decided to go ahead. “I’m willing to try anything,” he said.

I did a whole day’s consultation with him. We spent the morning and much of the afternoon doing readings and rituals to clear him and the house he lived in of bad energies. The readings kept highlighting an extreme negativity around Jason. There was a preponderance of Spades and the Joker kept cropping up. I became more and more certain that he’d had some very bad Juju laid on him, and that whoever was doing it wasn’t about to stop until Jason was dead.

Up at Alexandra Palace we were doing a “shaman’s walk,” which involves entering a state of heightened awareness and allows you to “lure the omens” in order to discover more about a situation.

As we walked, Jason told me he had enemies. “There’s one person in particular that has always resented me and been envious of my success,” he said.

“Could this person have paid a nefarious Juju worker to get at you?” I asked.

“I wouldn’t put it past him,” Jason replied.

Eventually our walk brought us to a small group of trees. I noticed two crows looking balefully at us.

I immediately grabbed Jason’s arm. “Stop,” I said urgently. “Those crows are very bad omens, they’re emissaries of the dark Juju worker. He’s sent them to watch us. What’s more, I think we’ve been lured into a trap. Whoever is behind this is more powerful than I thought.”

By then I realized that we had been led to the clump of trees and that something dark was in there – and it was meant for us.

I would have turned tail. But it seemed to me that we should meet this thing head on and finish it for good.

“Come on,” I said to Jason. “Let’s see what’s in store for us!”

We entered the clump of trees and were immediately struck by a dark, heavy oppressiveness that made us both feel sick to our stomachs. Jason was white in the face and looked like he might collapse at any moment.

I decided to look around and soon noticed some animal bones strategically placed in the long grass. Further examination revealed three black roots hidden under fallen leaves. It was heavy duty spiritual poisoning.

Jason fell to his knees in horror and starting having a panic attack. I helped him to his feet, saying “Try to calm down. We can turn this thing around.”

I had my doctor’s bag with me filled with powders, roots and potions, and other conjure paraphernalia. I pulled out some hex removal powder and sprinkled it over the black roots and animal bones. As I did so, I recited the 23rd Psalm from the Holy Bible. Then I collected up the baleful materials and put them in a paper bag.

“We need to put these in water to destroy them,” I said.

With that, we headed over the boating lake just behind Alexandra Palace. I dropped the items into the water, having first called upon the water spirits to dissolve the evil roots and bones.

By this point, Jason was looking a good deal better. But the job wasn’t done yet. The final stage involved removing all the bad work from Jason in a graveyard ritual at midnight.

This involved calling up the spirits and psychically cleansing Jason, restoring his personal power and creating an aura of protection around him.

From that day on, things began to improve for Jason. Within a month his life and health were back on track. If the Juju worker was commissioned to perform further hex work on Jason, it would have bounced off him and been returned to sender.

Jason called me recently to say he’s getting married again. “My life has turned around,” he said.

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