This is a natural healing technique that you might like to try, which harnesses the powers within yourself. It has some similarities to the therapeutic work of Franz Mezmer (1734-1815), the father of “mesmerism”, which became hypnotism.

This is what you do:

✴ Sit your patient on a chair.

✴ Stand before him (or her), with your hands hanging loosely at your side. Swing them gently to and fro until you feel a tingling sensation in the tips of your fingers. This energy is known in the East as prana or chi.

✴ Raise your hands to the level of the patient’s head, with your palms towards them and fingers outstretched but relaxed. Sweep your hands downwards slowly, towards your patient’s feet. Imagine yourself literally pouring healing energies from your fingertips into them.

✴ Now take a step backwards about a foot, and bring your hands back up to their head. Remember to keep your arm muscles and hands relaxed throughout.

✴ When you have finished, step to one side and “flick” your fingers away from you. This shakes out any negative residues of the patient’s condition, and stops it from entering your energy system.

If your patient is suffering from localized pain, such as a pulled muscle or arthritis, here’s another way to apply this method:

Simply point your finger at the affected spot, moving it around and around as if drilling a hole with your fingertip (but without touching the patient). Remember to keep your finger a couple of inches away from your patient’s skin. This will often help to increase and improve the blood circulation to the affected area, which is in itself a natural way to reduce pain.

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