If you’ve been hoodoo’d – had a hex laid on you – you will know about it. It will hit you like a nine-pound hammer. The attack will be sudden – total shock and awe. You will feel inexplicable sharp pains in your body.

The hex might have been worked at a distance – remotely via spirit trance. Or an evil charm will have been left on your doorstep, baleful powder left for you to walk over, or your food will have been goophered.

If so, you’re in dire trouble. As my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe used to say: “When a person is the victim of evil goopher a regular physician does no good – a conjure doctor needs to be called in at once, before it’s too late.”

If the victim has been hexed by a skilled (but evil) spellworker they will very likely have snakes and lizards in their body. You can literally see the victim’s skin undulate as the snake slithers throughout their body, or the lizard swishes its tail under their skin.

Victims will very often make strange noises too – like that of a dog, cockerel, fox, cat or other animal. After that, they typically become insane unless properly treated.

One old Black American guy Earl Marlowe and I used to visit in Mississippi had a sister who had been killed by a hex – and he himself had been conjured too. This is what he told us:

“You can tell when you been hexed. You feel very strange, like a different person. At first you eats more than you used to eat. Then you get so you don’t want no food, no time. After this you pines away and dies.”

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