This is an old voodoo hex working from the Deep American South. It’s a baleful death spell designed to take out your enemies in one fell swoop…

It’s easy to perform and just demands that you mercilessly channel your total hatred and wrath upon your victim. It goes without saying that you should reserve this death spell for very bad people who leave you with no other option but a direct assault.

The first thing that you need to do is build a small coffin. It should be around two or three inches long, and can be made from clay, wax, wood or any other pliable or easily shaped material. Paint the coffin black if the material that you have used is not already black.

Now either make or buy a voodoo doll. Stick thirteen rusty pins through its head and body (leave pins out in the rain or in salty water to make them rust). Place the doll in the coffin.

At midnight on a night of your choice, take the coffin to your enemy’s house and place it on the doorstep.

As an extra touch, you can put a piece of burnt stub from a black candle at either end of the coffin. You can also sprinkle Black Art or XX Doublecross oil on the coffin before you place it on the doorstep.

Hopefully you will never be forced to use this tactic. But if someone leaves you no other choice, then this voodoo death spell will do the trick…

Tombstone Hex Spell

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