Candles have always been part of voodoo magic and casting voodoo spells. They’re used in rituals and ceremonies and in spellcasting. In voodoo it is customary to take candles to ceremonies to honor your favored lwa (spirit) or patron saint.

You can also use candles as charms in themselves. Just inscribe symbols on a candle relevant to your requirements, then let it burn down.

The reason candles are so popular in spiritual ceremonies and in voodoo spell casting is that the candle flame and the color of the candle put you in a meditative place and focus your attention on the purpose of the spell.

Candle colors
Here’s a list of candle colors and their associations:

  • RED: Love, sex, passion, affection, physical vitality.
  • GREEN: Money, gambling luck, business, regular work, good crops.
  • WHITE: Spiritual blessings, purity, healing, rest.
  • BLACK: Repelling, dark thoughts, sorrow, freedom from evil.
  • PURPLE: Mastery, power, ambition, control, command.
  • ORANGE: Change of plans, opening the way, prophetic dreams.
  • YELLOW: Devotion, prayer, money (gold), cheerfulness, attraction.
  • LIGHT BLUE: Peace, harmony, joy, kind intentions.
  • DARK BLUE: Moodiness, depression, unfortunate circumstances.
  • BROWN: Court Cases, neutrality.
  • PINK: Attraction, romance, clean living.
  • RED & BLACK (reversible): To return evil to the sender.

Anointing Candles
When you have chosen the color of your candle you need to anoint it with an appropriate oil (e.g. Love Oil for a love spell, Damnation Oil for a curse).

You rub the oil on a candle from the base to the wick in works of repelling or cursing; and from the wick to the base in works of attraction (obviously remember to rub away from you in works of repelling and towards you in works of attraction).

To add to the power of a candle after it has been anointed with oil, sprinkle the candle with the appropriate powder (for a love candle use Love Powder, etc).

During the anointing process, ensure that you visualize the intent of the job or spell in your mind’s eye.

It is also very important to use only one candle for one purpose, and burn it to the bottom. Never use the same candle for different jobs or rituals.

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