A guy called Joey emailed me a while back. Said he’d run into a period of bad luck.

“Stuff I do don’t seem ta work out,” he said. “Pinned my hopes on a new job, didn’t get it. Drove outta town to get on a college course, my car broke down, I never got there. Next thing, I found my girl goin’ with another guy. What’m I ‘spose to do?”

After another line or two of bad luck city blues, Joey asked me if a voodoo candle spell could turn his luck around.

“Yeah,” I said, “voodoo candle spells are a good way to find your focus and get bad luck on the run.”

I explained that the mere act of concentrating on a dancing candle flame will put you in touch with your subconscious mind, which is the seething cauldron of voodoo conjure within.

As you stare at the flame you go into a mild trance. This is the time to visualize what you want to achieve with your conjure work. Shut down (or quiet) the interior dialog and focus on your desire. If you do this right, and strongly enough, what you desire is more likely to come to pass.

Candle spells are a good way to do this.

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