Card Readings: Gain Insight And Guidance On Your Path In Life

Card Readings Doktor Snake Cynthia Atwood

Doktor Snake’s trusted card reader (and customer service assistant), Cynthia Atwood, brings guidance on the obstacles you face in life – helping you find the happiness you deserve.

“My card readings are geared to help put things right in your life and bring you the life you desire. They will put you on the right path and bring you the direction you need.”

Available readings from Cynthia…

  • Sunwise Spread: 3-cards assessing your situation now and surrounding trends.
  • Crossroads Spread: 9-cards covering past, present and near future.
  • Grand Star Spread: 13 card in-depth look at past, present and future, plus good and bad omens.

NOTE: Please allow between 3 to 6 days for your reading to be completed.

How our card readings work…

All readings are delivered by email. The first thing we do is send you out a questionnaire so you can fill us in on your details such as your date and place of birth.


Simply fill out your name and email address, then click on the reading you require (you can order more than one).

NOTE: Your reading questionnaire will be sent out as soon as your order.
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What People Say

“I had a voodoo card reading done a few weeks ago by the DOC. And all I can say is WOW the results were so accurate he told me things I didn’t even mention in the initial questionnaire, it was great. The DOC is the real deal…” Ms L (USA)

“I ordered I card reading from the Dok and was pleasantly surprised at the complete accuracy of it. He not only shocked me with the reading but replied to all my email. Keep up with the good work, Doc!” V.S. (USA)

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