If you’ve lent someone money, and they are “forgetful” about paying it back – and let’s face it, it’s happened to most of us at some time – here’s a way to jog their memory using a voodoo spell. It’s also worth remembering that statistics show that if a debtor hasn’t paid you back within 90 days, they’re unlikely to do so willingly, so a gentle touch of voodoo aided persuasion may be just the tool you need.

Here’s what you do:

  • Dust a handful of nails with some powdered Shame-Weed (a Jamaican plant). This makes the debtor feel ashamed for not paying their dues.
  • Get some dried wasp stingers-these will “sting” their mind into taking action and paying up.
  • Procure some dried dauber’s nests – these will make your debtor “itching” to see you and settle the score.
  • Using the dusted nails, drive these items into a Black Locust tree in the shape of a cross. The cross “draws” what you are owed from all directions.

Do this, and it will only be a short time before your debtor comes to you and pays you in full.

The items required are available from Botanicas and spiritual stores or through online outlets.

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