Performing voodoo spells in a graveyard is a very powerful form of voodoo conjure…

To increase your personal power and luck, explore your area and look for an old local graveyard, preferably one that dates back to Edwardian or Victorian times. Search around for an elaborate, lavish grave, which would show that the man or woman was also prominent and successful in life.

Simply look around for any graves that stand out as being extravagant or highly embellished. Anybody who was wealthy and generally well thought of in life would generally have had a suitably impressive “no expense spared” monument to their life.

Once you have found the grave which feels right to you to use, it’s time to perform your voodoo ritual. Walk slowly and respectfully up to the grave, and then say:

“I greet you, oh esteemed spirit
I have come to gain personal power.
Will you bestow this gift upon me if I offer you a gift in return?”

Now leave your offering. This could be a bar of luxurious chocolate or beautiful flowers if the deceased is female, or a generous splash of liquor or beer if it is a male.

Lastly, express your heartfelt thanks and leave the graveyard, remembering under NO circumstances to look back. (If you look back, the spirits may take it as an invitation to follow you home).

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