My voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe often used to help people who had been wrongly or unjustly accused of criminal activities. He used to say: “If you don’t have two beans to rub together, and you’re facing a tough legal bust, a voodoo spell is the ‘poor man’s lawyer,’ and will help you get out of a fix.”

Indeed, a voodoo courtwork spell offers the possibility of getting the police off your back, stopping a case going to trial, or even securing a release from prison after you’ve been convicted. In some cases, it beats what a regular lawyer can do, although you would be advised to have a lawyer on your case in conjunction with having a voodoo courtwork spell working 24/7 for you “behind the scenes.”

When people went to Earl asking for advice on how to employ voodoo to help sort out their legal problems, he would say:

“First thing to do is find a big old pine tree that has been struck by lightning. Dig out some splinters from the north side of the trunk. Throw the splinters into a frying pan. When they get good and hot, take a lightly match to them and burn them to ashes.”

Earl then recommended that the ashes be put into a brown paper bag.

“Come midnight on the night before the trial,” continued Earl, “go outside and look up at the moon. Don’t say nothing. Just hold its gaze and connect with the lunar powers.”

After that, he advised getting up early the next morning and going down to the courthouse before anybody else gets there, and sprinkle the ashes around the doorway – emptying the paper bag right out.

“By doing this,” said Earl, “everybody that enters the courthouse door will warm to you and take your side. The case against you will be torn apart, just like the lightning tore the old pine tree apart. You’ll be set free and the cops and judge will be crying coz they couldn’t hold you.”

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