To some people, mixing crystal therapies with voodoo may seem a foreign concept. However, the two can run alongside and complement each other really well.

And before you go dissing crystal workings, bear in mind that many celebrities swear by them (and about them in some cases – witness Adele’s freak out at the 2016 Grammy Awards where she said that she gave a bad performance because she had “lost her f*cking crystals!”).

They’re also a go-to working for many other celebrities including Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian West, Goldie Hawn and Victoria Beckham, to name but a few … So why not have some of what they’re having and give it a try for yourself. I certainly have done in the past, as I mentioned recently in a post about using quartz crystal water for depression to good effect.

The working we’re going to be looking at in this case is for well-being, particularly for arthritis and rheumatism. It is primarily a self-healing conjure, but you could easily adapt it for use on others. In this case, we’ll go ahead and assume that you want to be rid of your own aches and pains – start with a little self-love, after all!

The crystal you want to be using for aches and pains is amethyst, so the first thing to do is find yourself a nice amethyst crystal. It’s best to shop for one in person rather than online, as even with the same crystals, some just “feel” more like you want them to than others. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.

Then take your crystal, sit in a quiet place and clear your mind. Try to stop your inner dialog by imagining any thoughts that try to push their way into your mind simply melting away.

You’re also going to need a voodoo doll, which as usual is better if you can make your own, it doesn’t matter how basic, as you put your energy into it, and also you’re going to be placing something inside it, so it’s easier to do it all yourself.

Hold your amethyst in your left hand (the left hand is always for receiving), and your voodoo doll in your right hand. Imagine a soothing white light flowing slowly from the amethyst up your arm, through your shoulders, bathing your head and face with healing energy, then picture it flowing down your other arm, through your chest, stomach, hips and thighs and right down through your legs to your feet. If you find this difficult to do, don’t worry and stress about it, just do it as well as you are able.

As you do this, silently say:

“Amethyst light, shining light, heal my hurts with all your might.”

Repeat this as you move the healing light through your body. Finally imagine the light travelling back up to your head. Hold it there for a moment, then send it to the voodoo doll in your right hand, pushing all of that healing energy into it.

Lastly, put the amethyst crystal inside the doll, stitch up the opening, and keep it in your pocket as you go about your daily life. That way, the amethyst will keep up its healing work over the coming days.

Feel free to repeat the above visualization ritual whenever you need to. You don’t need to remove the crystal, just hold the doll in your left hand to receive and build the energy and then place it in your right hand to recharge the crystal as you release the healing power into it.

When the pain has gone or eased, you can take the crystal out of the voodoo doll and thank the spirit energy that resides in it.

Personally, I would also recommend having an amethyst crystal in a glass of water, that you leave overnight to be charged by the moon, and then drink the water in the morning. Again, you can repeat this as often as you like, just remembering to leave the glass in the moonlight to absorb the moons energies.

So there you have it – start treating yourself the way the stars do, and see how it works!

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